How to Use

How to use Revo k101 plus? Step by step tips:

. Charge the device firstly. The LED indicator light in Orange will be shut down once the battery power is full.

.Using the Panasonic Converter, format the microSD card

. Download and extract the cheat database

. Download and extract the Game Pic collection

. Find the ROOT named ksystem and make a folder in it

. Insert the GamePic and Cheat directories into the ksystem folder

. Drag and Drop Homebrew or some ROMs

. Insert microSD card into the K-Card

. Insert K-Card into the Revo K101. Turn on the system and enjoy!

How to set “GBA slash screen”?

  • setting-press-miscellaneous
  • revo k101 GBA splash-screen-setting
  • GBA slash screen choose “on”-“off”
  • GBA-splash-screen-setting-2
  • Return to setting, press”A” then “B” to save the setting
  • GBA-splash-screen-setting-3

Installing cheats/Game pics:

how to use the cheat?

How to use the Real Time Clock?

How to use TV out?

How to setup Auto Sleep?