REVO K101 PLUS REVIEW from Geekswithwives

REVO K101 PLUS REVIEW from Geekswithwives

I talked with the people from geekswithwives months ago. I found this website because of GCW ZERO. Since they sell GCW zero on their website, I thought they might be interesting in our Revo k101 plus. That is the time when our story happen.

Finally they finish their REVO K101 PLUS REVIEW on 12th, June. What surprise me a lot is their editor. You can find such information at the end of this review as below:

Ethan Martinez is a 14 year old weirdo who is obsessed with image editing, gaming (who would have known??), and lecturing people on why they should stop saying “literally” when they mean “figuratively”. Owned Systems: PS3, GBA, GBA SP, Mac, Gamecube, Wii, DS Steam ID: firewaterice1 Favorite Game Types: Shooter, RPG, Anything made by Naughty Dog

So the men who just helped us writing this review for k101+ is a 14 year old boy! We always welcome reviews for our goods. But this is the first time I saw the review from such a young men. To be honestly, I really appreciate his help though the review is too short.

Anyway, what do you think of this review?