Review: The Revo K101 Plus from

Review: The Revo K101 Plus  from

Max Glenister is the men who have several famous sites including He sent message on K1GBASP Twitter in Feb 2015. I quote part of his email which “push” me to send him the sample of k101 plus:

Yes, the usual format is that I write a review and post it in the relevant sub-forum on Dingoonity, and also on my technology blog.

You can find some examples of other device reviews I’ve written here:
As you can see, the format of the review is something like this:
1 – “unboxing”
2 – “first impressions”
3 – “comparison to other devices”
4 – “features detail”
5 – “closing thoughts”
6 – “buying information”


The real reason why I decide to sent him the sample is not because his relationship with Dingoonity. It is because the way he will take the review for k101. In fact, I did see his professional review on 3rd, June for “Review: The Revo K101 Plus“. You can see it is a long article and he did took some real picture from his side. But the strange thing is that I can only open this review on firefox and IE not on Google Chrome. Can anyone tell me why?