What if you receive a damaged package?

What if you receive a damaged package?

Each day we have so many emails. One of the common questions that we get from our customers is that they received packaged damage from the courier. Today, I got this email from a Dad who prepare k101 plus for this son:

I received the package. Unfortunately it was very damaged. The casing was broken in three places. I had to super glue the case together. I know it is not your fault but it is the mail carriers fault. I’m very thankful and happy that you sent it to me so fast. I did not give it to my sons because the casing was broken and the r button sticks very bad. I know this is the postal service fault. I am going to keep this Revo and I will buy him a new Revo soon when I can afford it. I know it may not be possible to return for a new one since I super glued it but if you can that would be very greatful. I want very badly to have a nice Revo for my son and me also. Please let me know your answer. Thank you for your time and have a great day 🙂

This is really a reasonable customer. He know much better about the international shipping. Things may happen on transportation even we do a good protection on our goods. For each k101+, we have a good package for it. Check the package picture as below:

revo k101 plus package

We will require our customers to send back the pictures of the package they received so that we can check. Thus, keep the package well if you find it “unclean” on its condition when you receive it. Take pictures and send to us. This information will help us to deal with the shipping company.

For this customer’s case, I will keep releasing news on it.